Liberty Dreams LTD

We are a company based in UK that spread
the love for sailing and defends the values of freedom.
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Worldwide Fast Shipping

We collaborate with professional logistic partners that make our product available in all the world at a low shipping cost

Best Quality and Exclusive Products

Our products are carefully picked up and designed for guarantee your satisfaction. Feel safe to purchase in ours shops with tranquility.

Secure Payments

We use Stripe secure payment gateway and SSL certificates for ensure your safety during card payments. Your data is totally safe.

Nautical Fashion and Accessories

We make nautical apparel and decoration products from boatlovers to boatlovers. Check out our exclusive designs! Your purchases on our shop help us to continue sailing. 

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Boat Services

We love sailing, and we work in the divulgation of sailing and collaborate with sailors and boat companies in as many ways as possible.


We offer advertising services to different sponsors through our blogs, YouTube and Instagram. We also assist you in inbound and SEO strategies.


We commercialice different retailer product online (mainly nautical related material and branded apparel) as another way to finance our company.

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