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Liberty Dreams LTD

We are a company based in UK that spread the love for sailing and defends the values of freedom.

We are sailors like you!

Our Boat

OLIV is a Becker 27 masthead sloop built in Sweden between the 70s and the 80s. We rescued her when she was abandoned in a dry dock on the Canary Islands, Spain and started to restoring her.

You can follow all the process on out YouTube Channel! 

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The Faces Behind Liberty Dreams LTD

This is how we finance our sailboat

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International Sail Making

We have an agreement with the South East Asia Sails factory in Thailand. They are the sponsors of our mainsail and we are distributors of their products worldwide.

If you need a good sail for your boat at a right price, we can obtain an special quality-price proposal for you and give your our personalized attention both in English and Spanish.

Essential Services Commercialization

We have a distributors of ACN services in 27 different countries with the IBO number 8803842227.

ACN is a digital business franchise model that allow us to commercialize services like energy, telecommunications, security, insurances, banking, privacy protection... etc. and allow others to generate an income from that too.


We also design our own merchandising for sailors. It helps us to keep improving our boat and make videos and pedagogical content for you. Feel free to order yours!

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