OLIV is a beautiful Becker 27 sailboat, of Swedish construction and sloop type rigging, she was built in 1987. This type of sailboat was built by the Swedish shipyard AB Väneröplast since the mid-70s, designed to withstand the fierce waters of the North Sea. There are currently more than 400 boats of this kind at the sea, attesting to the success of its design.

The design of the Becker 27 sailboats is the work of Swedish engineer Harry Becker, a famous yacht designer and builder, well known for a long series of successful yachts between 22 and 30 feet. When his own shipyard sank shortly after World War II, Becker went to work for Knud Reimers. Later, he started a new boat building facility with his son Jan, also a designer.

Our OLIV is 8.12 meters long and 2.74 meters wide. Its hull profile is a fin keel with a skeg rudder. Her draft is 1.4 meters, her sail area of ​​33m2 and the displacement of her hull is of 2200 kg. She is built in fiberglass, with a hull thickness in accordance with the time of its construction, and the sea for which it is designed.

We bought her in Tenerife at a very low price, as she was abandoned for more than 7 years in a dry dock. One company bought the ship in exchange for repaying the previous owner’s debt to the port, and then sold her to us to “get rid of her quickly.” However, the hull was fine and with a good dose of love, time, investment and work she could be ready to sail anywhere in the world.

The beginnings were not easy, we had to throw her into the water quickly even though there was a lot of work to do, and we did not start on the right foot. However, through our logbooks you can follow our history step by step, and discover how far OLIV’s journey goes. We welcome you on board!

Navigation diary

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