Groups of killer whales attacked boats in Galicia at the end of August, causing damage

Today we bring you information that has come to us through WhatsApp and that has impacted us a lot. This are news about what is happening to some leisure boats with groups of orcas in the Finisterre area, Galicia.

Authorities Recommend Caution

The Finisterre coast guard has issued a warning to sailors on 30th August warning about the presence of these groups of killer whales. It’s recommended to keep as much distance as possible and notify the authorities in case of sighting.

What happened?

In the two videos that have reached us on WhatsApp, you can see pleasure boats being attacked by groups of killer whales. What seems to start out like an innocent game, soon turns into material damage, as the cetaceans proceed to ram the boat. In both cases the encounter ends up resulting in the breakage of the rudder blade of the two boats by these animals.

We can deduce that it is a single group of killer whales, although this is not confirmed, by the “modus operandi” of both encounters, and the fact that they presumably occurred in the same area. You can see them in the following video that we have prepared:

The dangers of killer whales

Many people believe that killer whales are cute, harmless and playful animals. This image has long been fostered by water parks and aquarium shows. However, the reality of killer whales is very different from movies like “Free Willy.”

Orcas are predatory, carnivorous animals that feed on seals, some larger than a person. Despite being related to dolphins, they are animals of great strength and corpulence. If someone finds a lion in the jungle, they probably won’t go over to play with it. However, this does not happen with orcas in the sea, giving rise to situations like the ones we have seen.

Many people believe that whales, unlike lions and tigers, don’t eat humans. However, there are two types of whales: baleen, which could not swallow you, and toothed, which can. Orcas, along with sperm whales, are toothed whales. The same animal can breaks the rudder blade, or eat a crew member. Be very careful!


Sailing with large marine animals is always dangerous. In the case of orcas, like other whales, they are animals capable of causing damage to the boat if they propose to do so, so it is always advisable to keep your distances and try not to provoke them. We hope that in today’s article you have learned a few things about these animals, and that it helps you to make your encounters with them safer.

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