Cleaning day and minor repairs at OLIV

This Sunday we were onboard OLIV until Monday morning doing some cleaning and making some repairs. In this entry in the navigation log we tell you the details.

Boat cleaning

We were cleaning the dust from the interior of the boat, as dust was found on most of the wooden surfaces, a wood cleaner and a cloth were the ideal choice. It may not be the most sophisticated of shipboard jobs, but it’s necessary.

In addition, we finished emptying the bilge, which had entered some water from the crossing from the port of Las Galletas, and from the hose we gave the ship a few days ago.

Due to the MARPOL treaty (annexes 4 and 5) we cannot pour bilge water into the port. Instead, we store it in plastic carafes that we then dispose of in a suitable place. As OLIV doesn’t have a pump for this work, we do it by hand, and we fill the carafes with the help of a funnel, which greatly facilitates the work when it comes to not spilling it outside.

Minor repairs

We take advantage of the afternoon to glue some loose wood from the kitchen area. It was the trim edge of one of the shelves, which was detached when we took possession of the boat. When seeing that the piece was on board, it was simply necessary to get white glue for wood, and glue it, exerting some pressure to make it grip well.

For a better result, we opted for a fast-acting glue with a transparent finish, so there would be no possibility that the piece would fall off when it was loose, or that if glue protruded from the edge it would be so noticeable. It turned out pretty good.

Also time to work on other projects

Our sailboat OLIV is also an ideal place to work on other projects, and explore the area, and as in previous stays we took the opportunity to do this, since we spend the night on the boat.

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