Brass openers are here to prevent contact and keep you and your loved ones safe

In these times, one of the main sources of contagion is in the things we touch. Think of the doorknobs, or the elevator buttons. How many people have been there before? Sometimes the hydroalcoholic gel is not enough, and in excess it can even dry out the skin. What if there was a better solution? We have it! Contactless brass openers.

What is a contactless brass opener for?

Open doors, push buttons and pull objects with this non-contact brass opener. Its special shape is carefully designed so that you don’t have to touch commonly used surfaces (such as doorknobs, bells …) and limit the spread of pathogens. It can also be used as a personal defense weapon, letter opener and gift or decoration object. It also comes ready to use as a keychain!

What are their characteristics?

This non-contact opener is made of brass, and measures approximately 73 × 32 × 3 mm (2.87 × 1.25 × 0.11 “). It is available in gold color, and we have several engraved designs. Some designs are customizable! As part of the product, we include a silver key ring (25 mm) to be able to attach the opener to your keys or the zipper of a bag.

It is easy to clean, hardly weighs and is ideal to always carry it with you without discomfort. It is a tool that makes things easier for you in a multitude of scenarios.

Who are they for?

Non-contact openers are here to stay and, like masks and other protection measures, they are designed so that anyone can use them, especially those with higher risk, such as children and the elderly!

However, if you go out, it is very possible that you have to ring a bell, open an elevator door, or the front door of your house, and with those simple gestures you could be contagious. If you get used to performing these actions with the contactless opener, the risk in these situations is significantly reduced, and this is very important for you and yours.

Customize them! They are also ideal for gifts

This is one of the best gifts you can give! For this reason, we have introduced the customization of some of the designs. This way you can change the text for whatever you want, like a name or a small message. Make that special someone remember that you care every time they use the contactless opener. Below you can see some of the customizable products we have:

Conditions of purchase and shipping

You can order this product from anywhere in the world. Thanks to our logistics partners, the product is shipped from warehouses in the United States and Europe, so you will be able to enjoy fast and cheap shipping whether you buy it from one side of the Atlantic or the other. For extra savings, you should take the opportunity to order more than one at the same time, so you will only pay for a single shipment. Start protecting yourself now!


Non-contact brass openers are an indispensable tool for these times. At Liberty Dreams LTD we have different designs available that will also allow you to give it to those who matter most to you. Get yours now!

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